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Marine Biology Programs in Canada


Marine Biology Programs

Are you interested in ocean ecosystems and sea life? Are you concerned about how pollution or climate change affects our oceans? If so, you might consider a program in marine biology, which is the study of marine organisms, their behaviors, and their interactions with the environment.

Canada is an outstanding place to pursue studies in this field, with excellent schools near natural laboratories such as oceans, marshes, offshore islands and diverse marine seashores for field work. There are excellent facilities available including well-equipped laboratories with pool tanks and greenhouses. Some institutions provide access to boats and research vessels.

Marine biology students often pursue general sciences at first, with courses in biology, zoology, chemistry, physics, math and statistics. Students then major in marine biology later in their Bachelor of Science degree, or pursue graduate studies in this field. Some Canadian schools also offer co-op education programs providing work practicums at research labs or aquaculture farms. These programs enable students to apply their knowledge of marine biology and gain valuable work experience.

There are many exciting and diverse employment opportunities in this field. Marine biology graduates may find work with government departments, university research labs, consulting and research companies, private enterprises, coastal authorities, the aquaculture industry, the leisure industry, water companies, charities or even public interest groups. An emerging area of specialization is marine biotechnology, which involves developing and testing new drugs based on marine organisms.

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