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Following an enthusiastic response for submissions from various members of the educational community, the Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG) of Simon Fraser University, headed by Dr. Kieran Egan, is pleased to invite you to our first International Conference on Imagination and Education, which will be held July 16-19, 2003, in Vancouver (BC), Canada.

Our conference will explore various ways in which we can better understand imaginative teaching and imaginative learning. It will bring together educational practitioners and researchers from British Columbia, Canada, and a number of other countries, in nearly 130 sessions that will explore the relationship between
imagination and education. These sessions will explore various themes, including imaginative curriculum design across the disciplines (such as mathematics, the natural sciences, social sciences, teacher education, etc.); the place of imagination in educational philosophy, research, and administration; imagination and the arts (drama, visual arts, music, etc.); and imagination and language (including ESL instruction, literacy, language arts and storytelling). Our event will also feature a number of exciting featured presenters, including:

*       Elliot W. Eisner, (Keynote Speaker) Professor of Education and Art, Stanford University
*       Kieran Egan, Simon Fraser University, Canada
*       Cedric Cullingford, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
*       Maria do Ceu Roldao, Polytechnic Institute of Santarem, Portugal
*       Clyde Coreil, Center for the Imagination in Language Learning, New Jersey, USA
*       Steve Bell, Storyline, Scotland
*       David Nyberg, Visiting Scholar in Philosophy and Education, Bowdoin Collge

To learn more about our conference program and how to register for our
event, visit our conference website at
http://www.sfu.ca/conferences/ierg2003  . For your convenience,
abstracts of the presentations and workshops scheduled for our event will be made available over the next few weeks.

You may also wish to visit the IERG's website at http://www.ierg.net  , to learn more about our group, our interests, and our efforts. Our site is being updated every few weeks with new information. We invite you to visit it at regular intervals to learn about developments regarding our research activities, curriculum development endeavours, and our many other projects.