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Canadian Film Schools and Computer Animation Programs

Canada is the place to see stars and we’re not talking about the astrological plane. Countless Hollywood blockbusters have been filmed in Canada. Movies including X-Men with Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry, Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins and Rumble in the Bronx with Jackie Chan, just to name a few, have helped Canada earn the nickname of Hollywood North.

Canada’s film industry is booming. It is estimated that one quarter of all Hollywood films are now shot in Canada. Add to this a number of award winning television shows including the X-Files with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and Disney’s Lizzie McGuire starring teen superstar Hillary Duff, and Canada is a natural choice for anyone interested in learning more about the art of film and television production.
There are a number of excellent film schools in Canada. Classes will not only provide you with the skills and training necessary to master the technical aspects of film production – skills such as sound design, sound effects, set design, camera operation, cinematography and lighting effects, but also the support and encouragement of knowledgeable and dedicated instructors who will inspire your creativity. They will teach you everything you need to know about the art of movie making so you can realize your vision and achieve your goal of becoming a filmmaker.

There are also a number of Canadian schools that offer computer animation training. The phenomenal success of movies like Shrek and Finding Nemo, coupled with the increased use of 3D imaging in regular feature films, has sparked an animation renaissance. Computer animation graduates are in demand. Every major film production company is hiring animators as well as title artists, modelers, painters and graphic artists to ensure that every title, graphic, special affect, landscape and digital image is accurate and adds to the film’s magical quality. Studying computer animation in Canada will provide you with the skills and training to be a successful movie magician.

Between the impressive array of film and television production companies that call Canada home, the number of big budget Hollywood film and television productions that are filmed across this country, and the world-renowned film schools and animation programs offered at Canadian institutions, Canada is the best place to study and train to be filmmaker. Come to Hollywood North to learn the art of movie making.

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