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Applied Degree Programs in Canada:
Combining Academic and Practical Training


If you’re deciding between pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and a diploma or certificate, you might consider an Applied Degree. Applied Degree programs in Canada combine the academic focus of a university degree with the practical, job-ready skills students learn in college.

A number of colleges and technical institutes across Canada, as well as some universities and university colleges, have introduced Applied Degree programs to respond to today's demanding job market. Applied Degrees fill the need for educated and highly-skilled workers by producing graduates who bring a strong combination of technical and theoretical skills to the job.

Similar to a Bachelor's degree, Applied Degree programs are usually four years in length and focus on a solid grounding in theory and analytical skills. What makes them different from a traditional degree is a stronger emphasis on practical applications of the concepts learned in the classroom. In this way, Applied Degree programs offer more extensive training than shorter, technical-oriented diploma programs. 

Because Applied Degree programs are generally created in response to industry demand for graduates, curriculum is often developed in consultation with employers, ensuring that it is current and relevant. Programs may include a semester of work experience as part of the program.

Applied Degree programs prepare students for a wide range of technical or career-specific fields. Here are just a few examples of the many Applied Degree programs available in Canada:

Bachelor of Applied Business (Accounting, Financial Services, E-Business, International Business, Automotive Management, Hospitality)
Bachelor of Applied Information Science
Bachelor of Applied Technology
Bachelor of Applied Arts (Animation, Illustration, Journalism, Criminal Justice, Gerontology)
Applied Degree in Motion Picture Arts
Bachelor of Applied Communications (Public Relations, Technical Writing, Electronic Publishing)
Bachelor of Applied Human Services (Police Studies)
Bachelor of Applied Technology (Industrial Management)
Bachelor of Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership

Equipping students with critical thinking skills and hands-on technical skills, Applied Degree programs are designed with a clear career-focus in mind. If you’re interested in a practical but demanding program which will lead to a challenging and rewarding career, consider earning an Applied Degree in Canada.



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