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Culinary Schools in Canada


A dab is not a just a blob or small amount. Dice does not refer only to games of chance. A Jersey Wonder is not an amazing cow. And galantine was not used to cut off the heads of French aristocracy during the Revolution.

If you know this than you have an obvious flare for the culinary arts. So why not turn this flare into a career?

Culinary arts graduates are in demand, working in kitchens all over Canada and around the world. Some work in small bistro kitchens, developing daily menus and ensuring the ingredients are as fresh as they can be. Some work in large kitchens, preparing enough food to feed hundreds, even thousands of patrons. Some start their own businesses, creating magnificent wedding cakes or scrumptious hors d'oeuvres from their own kitchens. And some work in test kitchens, developing menus and recipes for chain restaurants, airlines, cruise ships and grocery and specialty food stores.

The culinary arts is just that - art. No matter where you work you will be able to express your individuality and creativity as you transform everyday ingredients into extraordinary dishes and decadent treats. Redefine chocolate in an amazing fondue display, whip meringue into edible sculptures or use sushi to create award-winning presentations. No matter what you serve, each dish will showcase your imagination and illustrate your artistic abilities.

There are a number of prestigious culinary schools in Canada. Whether you are interested in learning more about pastries and tarts, or stocks, soups and sauces, there is a program and institution right for you.

So if know that a dab is a fish, that dice refers to cutting something into evenly sized cubes, a Jersey Cow is dessert and that galantine is stuffed meat or fish that has been poached and is served cold, you belong in the culinary arts.

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