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Secondary and Pre-University Studies in Canada

Where and when can I study Secondary and Pre-University programs in Canada?
Students who want to study Secondary and Pre-U programs in Canada, can enroll in either public (government funded) or private schools in Canada. In addition, some colleges in Canada also offer upper level secondary programs. These schools/colleges offer many start dates and these are in January, February, May, July and September of each year.

What Canadian Pre-U qualifications do I need to apply to Universities in Canada?
The Canadian Pre-U qualification needed to apply to Universities in Canada is Grade 12. This is the last year of high school in all provinces of Canada except in Quebec where it is known as CEGEP. In order to enroll in a Grade 12 program in Canada, you need to have completed Form 5 which is equivalent to Grade 11 in Canada.

When should I start applying for the Secondary and Pre-U programs in Canada? 
Students should apply at least two months before the commencement date of the secondary program in Canada.  Form 5 students who want to apply for the Pre-U program can use their school forecast or trial results.  They do not need to wait for the release of their SPM examination results !

What documents do I need to apply for Secondary / Pre-U programs?
Students are usually required to submit school results from the last two years of your secondary school program such as report cards and forecast/trial results.   Please note that all these academic documents must be certified and translated in English by your school, before submitting to the Canadian school/College.

What is the "Fast Track" Pre-U program?
The Fast Track Pre-U is a 7 month Grade 12 program that begins in January or February and ends in July/August of the same year. Students who are enrolled in this program will then be eligible to apply for admission to a Canadian University for the September intake in the same year !

How much does Secondary or Pre-U programs cost in Canada?
Tuition fees for these programs vary with each Canadian School/College in Canada. Living expenses (food and lodging) will vary according to the city you are in as well as your own lifestyle. Total costs including school fees and living expenses for Secondary and Pre-U programs can begin from C$ 6,500 (RM 19,500) per academic year.

Is it difficult to apply for a Canadian student visa and what is the application procedure?
No, it is not difficult to apply for a Study Permit (Canadian Student Visa) in Malaysia. The process is straight forward and processing time is usually not more than 28 days.

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