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Undergraduate (Bachelor or First Degree) Studies

Where can I obtain information about Undergraduate (Bachelor or First Degree) programs in Canada?
Information about undergraduate studies can be obtained by:


Visiting websites of Canadian institutions on the internet


Contacting High Commission of Canada

How long will it take to earn a degree?
Undergraduate programs usually take 3-4 years to complete. Some students are able to take courses during the summer, thereby enabling them to complete their degree in a shorter time. However, most Health related programs (Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, etc), Architecture and Law programs require 1-3 years of University degree studies before admission. Therefore these programs will take longer to complete i.e. between 5-7 years.

What undergraduate programs/subjects can I study in Canada?
Canadian institutions offer a wide range of subject areas ranging from Astrophysics to Zoology ! However, please note that many health related programs such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, etc., have either quotas for admission or are closed to international students. 

When are the intakes (starting dates) for Undergraduate programs in Canada?
The main intake for undergraduate programs at Canadian Institutions is in early September. Some institutions have an additional intake in January and a few in May.

What qualifications do I need to apply for 1st year Undergraduate studies in Canada? 
The minimum qualification required to apply for undergraduate studies is completion of 12 years of schooling. As such, you can apply with either Canadian Grade 12 (also known in Malaysia as ICPU or CIMP), STPM, "A" Level, International Baccalaureate, US/Australian Year 12 or in some cases the UEC. A couple of Universities will also consider admitting students with excellent SPM results. 

In addition to the above qualifications, international students must also show proof of English proficiency such as IBT TOEFL (score of 79 to 100) or IELTS (band of 6.0 to 7.5).

Can I apply with other academic qualifications?
Students who are enrolled in a Diploma, Degree Transfer or Undergraduate programs, may apply to transfer their credits to Canadian Universities. These students' applications will be assessed on a subject by subject basis and exemptions will be considered accordingly. 

What documents do I need to submit when applying for undergraduate programs in Canada? 
You are usually required to submit documentation relating to the last 2 years of your schooling. If you have completed some University level credits (Certificate, Diploma, Degree Transfer Program, etc) you will also be required to submit the most recent transcripts from that program as well as the course outline or syllabus of subjects completed.

All international students who have NOT been studying in an English medium institution  in the last 3-5 years, are required to show proof of English proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS scores.
What is the procedure to apply for undergraduate programs in Canada?


You must first begin by completing an undergraduate application form accompanied with the required application fee. The application fee will usually cost between C$45 to C$125 per application and can be submitted either through a credit card or bankdraft.  Your application will ONLY be processed once the application fee has been received by the Canadian institution. 
Canadian Institutions prefer to receive an online application form rather than paper applications for faster and easier processing. The online application form can be accessed through the individual institutions' websites.

The application fee for online application is usually paid by credit card and is the most preferred option. If you don't have access to a credit card, you will have to courier a bankdraft separately quoting your application or reference number.

Alternatively, you can download and print the application form and courier it together with a bankdraft for the application fee.


The application form must reach the institution before the application deadline. Application deadlines vary with each institution. The earliest deadline for a September intake at a Canadian institution is January 15th. Therefore, submit your application form to your institution of choice as early as possible. Please take note that you are NOT required to wait until your final exam or semester results are released to submit an application!


You should then follow up by couriering to the institution your academic transcripts together with an explanatory letter. These documents must reached the institution before the stipulated deadline for supporting documents.  If you don't have your final results yet, you can begin by sending in your available results i.e. mid-term, semester or forecast results first. You can then courier the final results, as soon as it is available.


Please ensure that all academic documentation submitted, must either be original documents or certified in English by the issuing Institution and sealed in the issuing institution's envelope.


For faster delivery and easy tracking, you are advised to send your application form, bankdraft and academic documents by COURIER. Please do not post/mail these documents !

What are University Transfer programs?
University Transfer programs are 1st and 2nd year University courses offered at University Colleges and some Colleges in Canada.   Upon completion of these programs, students can transfer these credits to a Canadian University to continue in the 2nd or 3rd year respectively.  This program is most suitable for students who have missed the September intake or lack the prerequisite subject/s to enter a Canadian university.

Will my degree from Canada be recognized worldwide?
Degrees from Canadian Universities are recognized around the world. Students who plan to work with the Malaysian Government upon completion
of their studies, should view www.interactive.jpa.gov.my/frmmainiktiraf.asp for the list of recognized overseas qualifications by the Public Service Department (JPA).

Are there any scholarships for undergraduate programs in Canada?
Canadian institutions do offer financial assistance in the form of entrance awards or scholarships for international students with high academic achievement. Students are advised to view the institution website for information on this. 
CLICK HERE for a listing of institutions that offer scholarships at the undergraduate level.  Malaysian students are also encouraged to investigate funding opportunities from Malaysian government agencies.
How much does Undergraduate programs cost in Canada?
Tuition costs for these programs vary with each Canadian Institution and subject of study. Generally, tuition fees range from C$ 8,000 to C$ 22,000 (RM 24,000 to RM 66,000) a year. The tuition fee is determined by individual Institutions and not due to geographical location or the quality of the Institution. Living expenses vary with a student's lifestyle and the location of the Institution. But usually, living expenses range from about C$ 7,000 to C$ 10,000 (RM 21,000 to RM 30,000) a year.

Can I work in Canada?
Students studying in Canada on a Study Permit (Student Visa) have several opportunities to work in Canada as follows :-


Part-time work on-campus in a public post secondary institution.


Work off-campus up to 20 hours a week if you have already studied 6 months at a public or approved private post secondary institution.


Enroll in a co-op program where the work term is a required part of your study.


Work as a Teaching Assistant (mostly applicable for graduate students only).


Upon graduation from an approved post-secondary institution, international students are now permitted to work in Canada for up to 3 years provided they have studied and resided in Canada for more than 2 years.

CLICK HERE for further details on employment opportunities.

Is it difficult to apply for a Canadian student visa and what is the application procedure?
No, it is not difficult to apply for a Canadian Study Permit (Student Visa) in Malaysia. Once you have received the official letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution, you can begin your application for the Canadian Study Permit (Student Visa). The processing time for a Study Permit application is usually 28 days. The process requires students to show that they have sufficient funds to cover for their tuition fees & living costs as well as undergo a medical examination.

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