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Application to renew a Study Permit - A Step by Step Guide



Please click the following for the Application Forms.


Study Permit Application Form


Additional Information Form
The abovementioned forms must be clearly handwritten or typed. The forms must then be signed and dated.


A non refundable processing fee is required in the form of a bankdraft in Canadian Dollars as follow :- 


Drawn on a bank in Canada or Malaysia, made payable to the RECEIVER GENERAL FOR CANADA


Your previous original Study Permit (IMM1442)


The air ticket or boarding pass from your flight out of Canada.


A copy of your latest academic transcript from the Canadian institution.


A letter from your institution in Canada confirming that you are eligible to register for the upcoming intake and the number of years remaining for you to complete the program at this institution.


Proof of sufficient funds in Applicant/Parent's/Sibling's/Grandparent's name for at least one year's living expenses (C$10,000.00) plus one year's tuition fees. Please submit their respective birth certificates to establish family relationship (where applicable).

This proof can be shown by producing
originals and a photocopy of one or more of the following documentation :-


Bank statements for the last 3 months


Updated Fixed Deposits and / or savings funds


Tuition fee receipt from the Canadian Institution 


Bank Draft or its counterfoil in the name of the applicant or the Canadian institution for tuition fees.


If sponsored by Malaysian Government (JPA, MARA, etc.) submit Financial Affidavit / Letter.

If you do not wish to submit the originals of the abovementioned financial documentation, you can also submit certified (i.e. with the issuing organisation's rubber stamp, officer signature and the date of certification) photocopies.


Photocopy of your birth certificate and if applicable, your marriage certificate. If dependents are accompanying you to Canada, please submit their birth certificate/s.


For self/family sponsored students, a letter from your parent's employer confirming employment, salary and duration of employment. If your parent owns a business, a photocopy of your parent's company registration document or Form 49.


Your original valid passport and if applicable previously used passport.


2 recent passport size photos with student's name, date of birth (and that of any accompanying spouse and children if applicable) must be written on the flip side of each photo. CLICK HERE for photograph specifications. In addition, the applicant's signature is required on the flip side of one photo.

Study Permit (Visa) / CAQ