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Getting a Visa to Study in Canada

Getting a Visa to Study in Canada

Depending on your country of origin and the type and length of study, you may require:
A temporary resident visa
A study permit
 For Quebec-bound students, a CAQ (Quebec Application Certificate)

The type of documentation required depends on your country of origin, the program you are taking, and the length of your study:
Any study program of up to six months: no study permit is required
Programs longer than six months require a study permit

If you will be studying in a program of six months or less, but think you may continue your studies in another program after this short-term program is completed, you should apply for a study permit before you come to Canada. If you do not have a valid study permit and wish to continue your studies, you will have to leave Canada in order to apply for one.

NOTE: A temporary resident visa may be required depending on your country of origin. Please see the list of countries that require a temporary resident visa as provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
More information on the process of applying for a study permit is available on Citizenship and Immigration Canada's web site.

Students applying from Singapore, please CLICK HERE for more details.


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