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Youth Exchange Programs

The Working Holiday Program

The Working Holiday Program (WHP) offers young Australians (aged 18-30 years) an opportunity to live and work in Canada on a working holiday visa for up to two years. There is no limit to the number of times Australians can participate provided all admissibility and eligibility criteria continue to be met. There is no quota and no limit to the number of places available. In addition, WHP Canada participants can also study in Canada for up to six months (or longer in some cases).  For more information visit one of the websites listed below:

·                 Study & Work in Canada: www.studycanada.ca/australia/whp.htm. 

·                 WHP Canada for Australians: www.whpcanada.org.au

·                 WHP Canada for other nationalities: www.canadainternational.gc.ca

The Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP)

The Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP) is run by STA Travel and offers Australian students the chance to live and work in Canada on a working holiday visa for up to two years.  The SWAP program includes a WHP visa, travel arrangements, guides books, jobs advice, an international student identity card (ISIC) and other benefits.  For more information visit your local STA Travel branch or: www.statravel.com.au

GAP Australia

GAP Australia offers young Australian students (aged 18-20), with a deferred higher education place) the opportunity to live and work in Canada for six to twelve months.  GAP programs generally involve the opportunity to develop new skills and meet new people while participating in a volunteer work placement.  The work placements available in Canada are either caring (eg. assisting the elderly or people with disabilities, or helping at community centres for the homeless or for people recovering from addiction), or outdoor activity placements (assisting in outdoor programs, such as rowing, skiing or hiking).  For more information visit: GAP Australia

EF High School Year Overseas

EF offers a range of exchange programs for high school students (aged 15-18), including short summer program (2 or 3 months), half year (one semester) or full study year programs.  Students attend school and stay with host families, and in bilingual Canada, this means students can choose to attend classes in English or French (immersion) as well as choose an English or French speaking host family.  For more information visit: www.ef.com

Southern Cross Cultural Exchanges (SCCE)

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange (SCCE) offers cultural exchange programs to Canada for high school students (aged 15-18), for one semester or a full school year.  The program includes travel, orientation, home stay, schooling and (where appropriate) language training.  Students can choose to live and study in either in either an English speaking or French speaking environment and a compulsory two-week “Language Camp” in Montreal is provided at the commencement of the full year program.  For more information visit: www.scce.com.au

AFS Intercultural Programs

AFS is a non profit organisation that has offered cultural exchanges globally for over 55 years. Currently AFS offers Australian students the opportunity to study at Canadian High Schools. Students are able to live with a Canadian family while attending school. Similar programs are offered to Canadian students wishing to study in Australia. For more information visit: www.afs.org.au

Australian Intercultural Student Exchange (AISE)

Australian Intercultural Student Exchange (AISE) offers exchange programs for students (aged 15-18) to study in Canada for one semester or a year, departing in either January or August.  Students travel overseas, attend school, live with a volunteer host family and are assisted by their local student exchange coordinator.  For more information visit: www.aiseaustralia.com or www.aise.com

STS High School Foundation

STS High School Foundation offers short and long term student exchange programs to Australian High School students (aged 15-18) - from 2 to 12 months.  The country of choice is guaranteed to each student, with a wide range of destinations in Europe, North and South America, Asia and South Africa.  STS has been sending Australian High School students to Canada since 1990.   All Australian exchange students choosing STS and Canada as their destination are being placed and taken care of by the STS offices and representatives in Canada.  For more information visit: www.sts-education.com.au

Class Afloat

Class Afloat allows high school students to sail around the world, while taking their high school classes aboard ship in an accredited academic program.  A crew of forty high school students live, study and work aboard the 188-foot tall S.V. Concordia, for one semester.  On completion, official transcripts are issued by either the Alberta or Quebec Ministry of Education.  For more information visit: www.classafloat.com

Student Exchange Australia

Student exchange connects secondary school students from one country with families, schools and communities in another country.  Placements to Canada are limited, so apply early.  Some scholarships are available on a competitive basis.  For more information visit: www.studentexchange.org.au